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Channel: Larry Carlton's 335 Improv
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I'm soloing over the "Room 335" A Section in this video (chart available in the PowerTab from clip 5:1). The solo moves right along but notice that it's dominated by the major pentatonic scale (see the PowerTab from 5:2 for more on A major pentatonic and F major pentatonic).

Bends, slides, double-stops and pedals all add nuance and expressiveness. It's also easy to find some very effective common tones to play over these changes, so try seeking out a single note or two at first and experiment with the track.

Be aware of the form - again, you want to be sure you know what's coming in the rhythm part so you can make the appropriate changes in your soloing. I think you'll see that a few relatively simple concepts can give way to a lot of good music when you use them tastefully.