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Channel: Vamps, Jams and Improv
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Guitar players love to jam. Call out a key, lay down a one or two chord vamp, the rhythm section kicks in and everybody starts to get their groove on - simple enough for seasoned players with monster improv chops and big ears. Not so easy for most intermediate and early advanced players who tend to run out of ideas and struggle communicating musically with the other members of the band. Vamps, Jams and Improvisation illustrates dozens of approaches for developing solid melodic and rhythmic ideas for soloing or comping over one and two-chord vamps. You'll first learn how to think melodically and then how to best express those ideas, in a vamp or jam setting, with the other band members.

Your vamp, jam and improvisation guide is the inimitable Frank Vignola. Frank is one of the most accomplished, multi-dimensional players walking the planet today. Monster player, composer and improviser, Frank’s latest project with master percussionist Joe Ascione, "The Frank and Joe Show" is one of the hottest and most original jam bands around. Frank’s pedigree is a mile long, but a quick Google will illustrate why there’s no one better qualified to shape your jamming skills. Vamps, Jams and Improvisation fills your toolbox with creative devices like melodic patterns, call and response, stutter picking, guide tones, horizontal lines, tone targeting, muffled arpeggios, chromatics, expressions, passing tones and other techniques for generating ideas on the fly. You’ll also learn how to develop ideas around unusual scales like the Super Locrian, Bartok minor and harmonic minor scales. Rhythm and comping are also covered with equal emphasis; clave rhythms, inversions, rhythmic alteration, quartal harmony, bubble parts, chord punches and how to clearly communicate and then lock up with the band is demonstrated in detail. Vamps, Jams and Improvisation is optimized for intermediate to early-advanced players and is presented across 2 CD-ROMs (Windows and Mac compatible), features 40 full-length video lessons, text overviews, practice tracks, standard notation and interactive Power Tab so you can "see" and "hear" the tab and notation played out at any tempo. TrueFire's video player features zoom, frame advance, looping and other handy controls.