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Channel: Total Modal
Video: Mixolydian
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Total Modal thoroughly examines the theory, harmony and application of 19 essential modes and scales for composition and improvisation. This intensive study program will provide a comprehensive framework for composing melodies and hooks, improvising over any set of changes, superimposing scales, creating progressions and constructing chords for any musical application. In short, Total Modal is the definitive scale and mode application resource.

The 19 scales and modes covered are: Ionian, Dorian, Dorian b2, Phrygian, Lydian, Lydian #5, Lydian b7, Mixolydian, Mixolydian b6, Mixolydian b2 b6, Aeolian, Locrian, Locrian natural 2, Jazz Minor, Harmonic Minor, Altered, Diminished, Symmetrical Diminished and Whole Tone. In short, every essential scale and mode necessary for composing and improvising across rock, blues, jazz and popular music.

Your Total Modal professor is Bruce Arnold. Bruce runs the guitar programs at Princeton University and New York University, hosts the Summer Jazz Workshops in NYC, and is one of the most respected and prolific educators in the business. Arnold also composes, records and performs worldwide with a long list of top artists.

While you will certainly learn the fingerings and positions for all 19 scales and modes, in all keys, Total Modal goes much further than any “scale/mode” course on the market. Every scale and mode is demonstrated in a musical context to illustrate their "colors" and characteristics.

The course includes a JamBox filled with 100 vamps for practicing every scale and mode in every key. Over 60 charts spell out every position, as well as the Diatonic and Diatonic 7th chords that stem from the scale or mode, in every key. Most important of all, Arnold unlocks the application of each scale and mode so that you can immediately start applying the information in your playing and composition.

Total Modal is optimized for solid intermediate to advanced players and is presented across 3 CD-ROMs (Windows and Mac compatible), features 40 full-length video lessons, text overviews, 100 practice rhythm tracks, standard notation and interactive Power Tab. TrueFire's video lesson player features zoom, frame advance, looping and other handy controls.